Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yes i still scrapbook

But I have a new passion as well,I am set to help people look and and feel better. I am also out to help those of us who would like to stay at home with our children more, I don't know about you but my kids are all teenagers and really they are growing up quick. I not only want to stay home with them to give them some stability but I also feel they need me here to talk to, to rely on and it makes them feel more secure to. So when I though of joining this company i needed to increase my income enough to either work less or not at all. It Works paid for the groceries in my house this month, and with 3 growing kids and 2 that like to eat me out of house and home you know that is some good money. I am also here to share my story with you.

Since my children have come along I have slowly put on more weight, and I have also broken a leg and an ankle. When I was going through those struggles I found I lost mobility and gained weight. This was nothing short of lack of knowledge and laziness. I thought I could not exercise. I thought I was being written off and depression set in. I needed a change. When I found It Works I had already tried out another company involving protein shakes and lost weight. But I wanted and needed a lifestyle change to lose more. It Works is natural ingredients, and is good for you period. No processed stuff.

This is my before

And this is my so far results

I am loosing and yes I am working out, I wrap when I can every 72hrs. I am down about 70 lbs and counting. You can comment here if your interested in learning more about the products I use or text me in canada 4035066269 or email You can also visit my site Loyal customers save 40 % and you have a commitment of 3 months.