Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ok Ok

so after not weighing myself for a bit, I was in denial. I had gained weight back, I was already looking into a personal trainer because we all know not exercising does not help a 41 yr old female keep the weight off. So I went to my first appointment last week and did my weigh in. I was up, but the good news is, I went again today I am down 12.5 lbs . I have been following the best advice I received from a friend and trainer. She shared with me this website www.truestar.com and set me up with a good program just for me. Trust me go have a look its free and easy to set up your profile. Between this and my it works products i am good to go. These are two of the products I use daily, Thermofit I take with every meal and the fat fighters i take with supper. I am down in pounds and feeling good go here   and order fat fighters and thermofit and when you sign as a loyal customer you receive my pricing which is 40% off retail.

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