Monday, March 05, 2012

The Last 2 Weekends

Have been crazy crazy, with 2 basketball tourneys. Both with Davids team. The first one was pretty good most of the games were very close, Except the dreaded game against Central. Which well i don't have words for that coach. They placed 7th over all. This weekend we played in sylvan had 2 games back to back Friday night, 1 win 1 lost not to bad. Then on the way home of the boys and his Dad were hit by a drunk driver i guess not to bad off though. Dad has a broken/chipped ankle with some tendon damage, and the boy is okay just pretty stiff. Saturday 2 of the other boys decided not to show with really upset the team they had 7 players for 2 games, pretty much back to back. Had to play Central first thing we knew there was really no chance of us winning and the coach of central just had the team run our guys down over and over which really is that good coaching? If it was me i would have taken the team and let some of the younger and less expirenced players get a chance to play which did not happen. Second game was pretty much a wash as well our guys were tired and again the other team just toyed with us cause they knew we had no players.Still managed to place 4th out of 6 teams. Which was good needless to say David learned never to leave his team like that its unfair and you never what could happen and as far as i am concerned the boys are heroes for not giving up. Mrs Graham said she wants David on the team next year which made David pretty excited because he wants to go to basketball camp at Lindsay Thurber which makes a momma happy.He never scored once but took like 10 shots which was excellent!!! Way to go David momma is proud!!