Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick Girl at home today

Shes been sick since last thursday started out throwing up and frequent bathroom trips,But over the weekend it turned into a wicked sore throat. Also Aunty Nanny and Lana came for a visit for the weekend.We have been pretty busy with the boys being in Basketball Jesse is only starting and David is nearly done, The Sr team is doing pretty good they have won the last 2 and i think they are gelling as a team. I have seen a vast improvement in Davids skills as well which were really not that shabby to start must be the gene pool. (LOL) My Dad, and the whole played alot as kids. Must be that mormon gene lol. Anyways better get my laundry done and look after the sicky. Later

Monday, February 06, 2012


so my oldest son started on the basketball team last week GO THUNDER!! they have lost both games that I have been to but hey they are doing well . Have to say after today's game they are a pretty clean , the guys they played today wow nothing like aggression and sloppy. They keep falling and tripping the kids and very grabby. But hey the boy enjoys it!! Been scrapping a bit lately qill post some stuff soon