Thursday, September 13, 2012

Im Around

I have been working full time for the last little bit once things settle down i should find my way back here have some cool stuff to show ttys

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15

Well i went back to Reitmans and have been pretty busy working for the last 2 weeks. I did have a chance to take an art journal class thru scarlet lime with junelle jacobson loved it she is pretty talented. Shantal has kinda been sucked in to which is funny, she does a pretty good job. Randy is on spring break up we think we are kinda just puttzing thru it lol. not to much else to update will post pictures of the art journal eventually.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Last 2 Weekends

Have been crazy crazy, with 2 basketball tourneys. Both with Davids team. The first one was pretty good most of the games were very close, Except the dreaded game against Central. Which well i don't have words for that coach. They placed 7th over all. This weekend we played in sylvan had 2 games back to back Friday night, 1 win 1 lost not to bad. Then on the way home of the boys and his Dad were hit by a drunk driver i guess not to bad off though. Dad has a broken/chipped ankle with some tendon damage, and the boy is okay just pretty stiff. Saturday 2 of the other boys decided not to show with really upset the team they had 7 players for 2 games, pretty much back to back. Had to play Central first thing we knew there was really no chance of us winning and the coach of central just had the team run our guys down over and over which really is that good coaching? If it was me i would have taken the team and let some of the younger and less expirenced players get a chance to play which did not happen. Second game was pretty much a wash as well our guys were tired and again the other team just toyed with us cause they knew we had no players.Still managed to place 4th out of 6 teams. Which was good needless to say David learned never to leave his team like that its unfair and you never what could happen and as far as i am concerned the boys are heroes for not giving up. Mrs Graham said she wants David on the team next year which made David pretty excited because he wants to go to basketball camp at Lindsay Thurber which makes a momma happy.He never scored once but took like 10 shots which was excellent!!! Way to go David momma is proud!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick Girl at home today

Shes been sick since last thursday started out throwing up and frequent bathroom trips,But over the weekend it turned into a wicked sore throat. Also Aunty Nanny and Lana came for a visit for the weekend.We have been pretty busy with the boys being in Basketball Jesse is only starting and David is nearly done, The Sr team is doing pretty good they have won the last 2 and i think they are gelling as a team. I have seen a vast improvement in Davids skills as well which were really not that shabby to start must be the gene pool. (LOL) My Dad, and the whole played alot as kids. Must be that mormon gene lol. Anyways better get my laundry done and look after the sicky. Later

Monday, February 06, 2012


so my oldest son started on the basketball team last week GO THUNDER!! they have lost both games that I have been to but hey they are doing well . Have to say after today's game they are a pretty clean , the guys they played today wow nothing like aggression and sloppy. They keep falling and tripping the kids and very grabby. But hey the boy enjoys it!! Been scrapping a bit lately qill post some stuff soon

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still Looking

I am still looking for a job there is a chance i could be team lead at Reitmans but i need to open my availability for that. I really desire an office job , just a change from the faster pace of retail and the hours are better. I need to focus on my kids and their activities David joined the basketball team at school, i would like to see his games and be there for him. We also have piano going on to, which does take up some time with practise. Hubby might take the winch truck and do that more often which would be a major increase in his pay check which would be great then i dont have to work that much either . Time for family here , and focus and Love.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year New Job!

Since September I have been working at Reitmans. Looking after a couple of kids from Jesse and Shantal's classes. In December i let the hospital go, it was a hard decision but one that had to be made. I can no longer work in a negative environment, 13 years of being told I was not good enough for them was enough. So now I am hitting the pavement looking for other opportunities. I have an interview with a mortgage company later today and the hours are great. I will post the outcome when I know. Here are some photos of Shantal's 10th birthday partyand here is some from christmas

I will update again when i can trying to get back in the swing of it off to get ready for job interview wish me luck..

Thursday, January 05, 2012

January 5 th

Well long time no post lol, I got tired of posting negative stuff all the time so I stopped . New year and some changes I have made personally made a big job change back in December . I am no longer working at the hospital it was beginning to be a negative experience for me and well I tell ya I am much happier now . Working currently at Reitmans clothing store but keeping my eyes open for other opportunities . Have not scrapbooked much lately but did manage to get most of my December daily album done will post when I am complete which should be shortly take care and Happy New Year everyone!!!