Friday, July 08, 2011

with a computer down

and the kids on summer break we dont get much time to blog around here but i do have lots to I have been busy looking after my MIL and working a bit more. With the kids out of school i dont have to worry to much about how to get them around so i have been working a little plus working canada census till the end of july. we have a plans this summer but we are trying very hard to get a truck paid off completely before we go on holidays in april next year.... some very good friends came for a quick visit 2 weeks ago and share their new daughter with us. Lets just say she made very quick friends with Shantal and they had alot of fun!!!will try to update again in the next week so ta for now....

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Life is busy

hey we are still here life is busy , My MIL broke an ankle back in march . We have been busy between her, work, kids and just plain going outside. Plus well my computer is not reall functional all the time now . Ended up with a newer one its kinda slow though . Hoping to post some eye candy soon cleaning out my scrap space trying to convince hubby i need to move upstairs lol!

Friday, April 01, 2011

So Happy Belated Birthday David

It actually was not delayed to much even though Grandma ( my MIL ) fell and broke her ankle the day after his real birthday we waited till the 26th to celebrate as we were waiting for one of Davids close buddies to come home from a family holiday! we made peanut buttter reece cupcakes and an white cupcake for the party my pictures are no good as i forgot my camera at home and i am still learning my iphone camera lol!!
the reece one i need to work on this recipe not very tasty but they looked very cute!! lol so check out the salt blog here for this weeks challenge!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Did you check out the post over at the salt blog today? you can find it here i have been working on cleaning out the file cabinet in my scrap space and also working at the taxes and few other things before i start back to work on saturday. I have been off four months think i will remember how to do my job? eeck i am not sure lol!!! here some picture of davids room when i get a better one i will post it what do you think? typical pre-teenager i still need to put the skateboarder dude on the wall but getting there!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In an effort to blog more

i thought i would share some of the latest stuff but first most in importantly anyone looking for the latest salt challenge should look here this mine my interpretation of it
this is one of my grandfather whom would have just celebrated his 84 th birthday!! love you grandpa!! go check out the challenge! this is from the last challenge i love how it turned out and it is now hanging in davids freshly painted room!!! which i will show sometime this week after david gets it organized!

i cannot remember if i have showed shan's beautiful chair or not so heres a picture
we also had some birthdays around here so i better show you some pictures!

above are jesses cupcakes he wanted some multi colored cupcakes easy peasy!!and shantal wanted a little more girly! i found this cupcake holder at winners for cheap!!! but i dont recommend this white cake recipe not so good !

i will update when i get some picture of the newly painted room so hoepfully tonight he will organize so he can have his sleepover this weekend !!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ok OK i have not posted again in a while

I am usually a very good poster but lately yeesh!! Anyways i am posting my three favorite layouts so far .................

This layout is a favorite because it is brutal honesty and i love to scrap about real life! I love the way the colors flow and the mix of papers

This one is favorite because i just love this picture plus the whole was just fun! I love tattered angel mist!! My sister was giving me a photograghy lesson this day and well i just love this picture

This is one of my first digital attempts and i just love the paper the words and the feel looks very shabby or vintage and i love that!