Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey kids are away

they went to summer camp yesterday and not home till wednesday yay for mama for a bit of a breather have to work at the scrap store in a couple of hours hoping its a bit of an easy night so i can work on my products feeling a bit overwelmed there to not to bad but man when you think you know it all well ya thats quite inaccurate actually lol!! have quite a few layouts done i am going to work on some stuff tomorrow as mama must play as no one to bug me to take them some where or can i go with this friend or that. hubby and i went out for supper and a movie last night it was awesome food was delicious!! in about 3 weeks hubby and i have been married 12 yrs long time!! but still not even halfway to my goal!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the summer has been busy

but really no excuse not to blog we've been travelling working and soon 3 little people are going to camp which means mommy is painting the kitchen that i really dislike the color in right now lol here is my take on this weekes challenge at salt