Monday, February 22, 2010

my life in the last month

Hey how have you been me to blah to blog my life in the last has changed a bit and its been good

e moved out yay!!! long story short i am not ready to have a teenager and she did not mesh well with our family, added to much drama we did not want in our life!

have been sick with a very nasty cold i would have though it was pneumonia and of coarse i did not go to the doctor lol!!

reduced the amount of games i play on facebook by 3 lol and deleted 230 + friends who really were not friends at all

moved out of my scrap space so oldest son could have his own room and that we could have a spare room too its kinda nice not sure i been successful in keeping shanny out of it but we will get there

had a visit with my sissy!!

worked some

randy has working like a crazy man thank you so much honey you rock my world!!

finished alot of scrappy stuff

had valentines

off to finish my tea and maybe do some laundry!!

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Kimberly White said...

Sounds like a busy month! No wonder you haven't been blogging!