Monday, November 02, 2009

we have been

sick around here kinda leaning towards it being the flu maybe even h1n1 but really not sure because it was kinda mild fever for 4 days for me and headache kinda may me think it was. we have alot to do in the next couple of weeks at least hubby is working pretty solid thankful for brothers who put there family to work yes randy is still working for mark at least till after christmas when things are looking up he has sent over 200 resumes can you believe it? not even a phone call . i am guessing its gotta be god because i am hearing some horror stories , i am really starting to think the job market is going to change drastically exspecially from an employer view. my hubby is a very hard worker, shows early stays late. will work 7 days a week for months if need be and if he is sick he will go in anyways and be the one sent home so you can see i am sick guy. he not mouthy, he does not smoke, and he can do many things extremely well he is smart and knows when to speak up and suggest things. hes my man !! So this has been hard mentally on him very hard he does not understand what he has done wrong either, kinda proud i think.

we have had a birthday for mr jesse he turned 9( holy cow when did that happen!!!) here is his cake i made him

and now long at this boy does he look bigger to you??

i am starting to miss him when he was little he was so so cute!!!!

we also had a big birthday for grandma s she turned 65 this year WOW now when did that happen? she so does not look it either!! and of coarse we had halloween

i just started letting the kids go out for this last year it concerns me but we have talked alot about it. i found the kids parties through the church are getting boring for the kids they gear towards the little ones more and the mall is getting to explicit for me even.. i sent them out with granny as i am still not going to far i am out of my air cast some what although some days i need it more then i realize. i went to work on saturday for 6 hours and felt so tired and sore after. but i will get there been there before not to long ago and i still remember so i am off to take care of a sicky girl as she has a fever now too!


Kimberly White said...

hoping you are all feeling better soon! So glad that there has been some work for R. My foot feels just fine - hoping you will be fully healed soon.

Hazel said...

Sorry to hear that you've all been poorly - hope you all improve soon. And make sure you don't do too much on your foot x