Friday, October 09, 2009

hamburger soup

so with my sister here we got to work even though i cant do much we have so far made banana bread, peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips(pretty good i might add). the plan today is hamburger soup, buns, more cookies and hopefully pickled carrots as i still have carrots in the ground. yes there is snow here lol i figure they are pretty safe for a bit longer need to find dill oh MIL !!!! she has some for me what are your plans for the weekend? my sister goes home tomorrow she has to work all weekend we are going to MILs on sunday not to much else going on i will post pictures later of our creations i may even scrapbook later........ much better then yesterday ups and downs its all about life

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Hazel said...

Mmmm what yummy treats - hope you're feeling a bit better. How's the foot? Do you need to go back for a check on it soon?