Sunday, August 23, 2009


more scrappiness to show

Saturday, August 22, 2009


got drama me to!! to much of it!!!!!!!!.......kiddies, hubbies and inlaws lol!!! off to work tonight been busy with work camping and to have a nap ttyl!

Friday, August 07, 2009


i was watching you, me and dupree the other night so in finding my "ness" this is it

i got more i am sure of it hopefully i will get it posted soon remember to leave a comment till the end of the month and i will draw for a RAK have a good weekend!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cleaning out the scraproom

so its time to clean out the scrap room again i am giving away a rak so any and all comments left between now and the end the month august 31 will be entered are you up for it? enter as many times as you would like. so we lost someone not so close and very extended family this week hoping and praying for the family much peace about it she is in a better place we know that we love you and if you need us we are here. i got quite a few layouts on my desk to share we have had alot of stress going around our house this past week without going into to much detail randy is out looking for other employment again. so i am hoping something fulltime comes available soon keep us in your prayers thanks so much!! we have another exchange student coming on august 28th and we may even end up with my dad to this winter so there is half my mortgage payment yay!! back above board if you know what i mean lol!! we have more camps this week d is in soccer camp 9-3 and them j and s are in swim camp from 12 -4 love them all but they are grumpy i think school needs to start sooner....... lol not going to happen we have family reunion this next weekend . then a wedding the weekend after that also a trip to calaway planned with the rest of my family woot woot !!!! what else have you got going on this summer? i am also looking for ideas for hubby and i going away in january i think maybe vegas?? not sure i am going to make the trip in october girls no money yet may change though..........not that i am rowdy anyways going for more of the shows then anything and the lights what would you do?