Wednesday, July 01, 2009

so she is gone

ms. elle went home this weekend to korea we adored her but i did like the extra work involved with her i have to tell ya. the girl has a very priviledged life and has no idea really, she felt the need to make some serious messes and not clean them up. she was told to wash her linens once a week never happened and to be honest i was not jumping up and doing it for her i have enough on my little plate i did her laundry only because she asked if she would have striped the bed i would have made sure the sheets were washed but it never happened i did learn alot about how different cultures are she kinda thought my mom was in her 70's my grandma is as i am only 36 but i guess it could happen. she did not like randy very much she may have liked him but was very timid she has goals it called study study study and i have to say they work hard she was very shy her and i got along great but there was an invisible line i could not pass it i found out very last minute that i was not going with her to the airport which really was kinda a blessing in disgiuse (sp?)but it really ticked me off that it was a dicision that was made without me i am hoping when we get ms. erica in the fall that it will be a better experience as this has been a great learning experience for me i will be laying down some rules and routines with the next girl but she has also been here for 3 years almost 4 now and i think it will be better she is very friendly. so in the fall i will have a gr12 a gr5 a gr3 and a gr2 when did all the children get so big????? i think i missed it to be honest i need to work on that we have some serious summer plans not sure how often i will be on here so heres hoping you all stick around !!

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