Saturday, July 25, 2009

back home

we are so glad to be home i tell ya love ya mom but time to go lol!!!! i had to work last night WOW so rough may have to rethink the career but i can hold out for while yet anyways i got scrappiness to share come check out the challenge this week at SALT
got more to share but i must go pack up the boys for camp so i better get at that night........

Monday, July 20, 2009

still in lethbridge

lets just say moms not as easy as we were hoping still working at it we will be here till wednesday we have been busy got room done. how can one woman can be so fussy when you are getting free help oh well life moves on here some cute pics of the kids dont tell hubby as he has not even seen there hair lol off to work again

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its been a long week

so we leave tomorrow to go to moms and hoping to get something accomplished at her house i am hoping we can gut it she has other ideas though maybe aunty will have some influence? maybe heres hoping i have a ton of layouts to share but i am not going to get there until we get back i have to much to do between work tonight and leaving after a quick sleep tom. hoping all of you have a wonderful week

Sunday, July 05, 2009

working nights

so i am working nights again so i sit here trying to stay awake. not much going on we went canada day to a friends house for a bbq was fun. kids had a water balloon fight and went in the hot tub. got to see cutie girl leah she is now 2 months and we may be going camping with her, her mom and dad and her big brother at the end of july, if randy does not need to be somewhere else. i am hoping he gets busy for a bit again it seems like we are stuggling so keep us in your thoughts. i have thought about it and i am putting the kids on the bus for the next year driving just drives me crazy so i am thinking this will be better. E comes to live with us on the 28th of august. hoping that works better for us. praying that she is a blessing more so. go to my moms next monday the 13th for a couple of days to help her clean out basement to get things better organized for her and i hope she is willing to throw out as i am concerned. shantal and i are thinking we may sneak away for a girl only date and maybe we will take great grandma with us as she seems to be lonely. hoping to catch up with a few people while we are down there.and maybe my new neice or nephew will be here. heres hoping shay!!!and maybe doug you will get your boy ???? my baby sister turned 27 on friday man she getting up there i wonder when she passed me as i am only 25??? so i better return to work incase the camera is running lol have a good week !

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

so she is gone

ms. elle went home this weekend to korea we adored her but i did like the extra work involved with her i have to tell ya. the girl has a very priviledged life and has no idea really, she felt the need to make some serious messes and not clean them up. she was told to wash her linens once a week never happened and to be honest i was not jumping up and doing it for her i have enough on my little plate i did her laundry only because she asked if she would have striped the bed i would have made sure the sheets were washed but it never happened i did learn alot about how different cultures are she kinda thought my mom was in her 70's my grandma is as i am only 36 but i guess it could happen. she did not like randy very much she may have liked him but was very timid she has goals it called study study study and i have to say they work hard she was very shy her and i got along great but there was an invisible line i could not pass it i found out very last minute that i was not going with her to the airport which really was kinda a blessing in disgiuse (sp?)but it really ticked me off that it was a dicision that was made without me i am hoping when we get ms. erica in the fall that it will be a better experience as this has been a great learning experience for me i will be laying down some rules and routines with the next girl but she has also been here for 3 years almost 4 now and i think it will be better she is very friendly. so in the fall i will have a gr12 a gr5 a gr3 and a gr2 when did all the children get so big????? i think i missed it to be honest i need to work on that we have some serious summer plans not sure how often i will be on here so heres hoping you all stick around !!