Sunday, June 21, 2009

boy someone should

fire the writer for this blog left to fend for itself well life happens we have been busy school getting out soon randy's been working out of town lots and i was working nights some this month which kinda really messes me up lately. so we have a rude neighbour in our mist here they seem to believe that its perfectly fine to run a bobcat in his yard at 1230 am well i guess he must be pretty rich as we have called him in at least 3 times in the last couple of weeks. i have been telling the kids to show respect to the neighbours show respect to everyone don't do things that are annoying. they are really starting to see things, and have to my dismay said things that may not have been good we correcting that . we spent some time my cousin and her family yesterday they were in innisfail this weekend for a ball tourney so we went to check out mr j play man people seriously under estimate people exspecialty when they are short i glad that kid set them straight ! go j go !!! today i have a special supper planned for "DAD" and the kids all made him a special something i have some cjs to mail out and some teacher gifts to get made for the last day of school so i ahd better get at it !!!

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