Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday morning and what ........

is on your plate? well i have heading to the farmers market love that place and so excited that fresh produce is on woohoo exspecially since i have taken up drinking smoothies for breakfast lately looking for different ingredients i am still working on my laundry pile yes i know i was determined to get it done the other day and i did but then i started washing bed linens i try to do them once a week boys are going quading this afternoon so shan and i may scrap book good news here to i made the 2nd round of the last scrapper standing contest there was alot of really good entries there the first round and i can wait to see what the next round does i am cleaning out my scrap room again tying upthinking of painting my room i am almost done upstairs i am having a hard time with the vaulted ceilings and i am scared of the latter i am trying to talk randy into it i think he might i just dont want to fall again lol already enough injuries here for a bit i have dropped 4 lbs this week looking for a better diet one that appeals to the kids as well more fruit more veggies and some interesting things to do with them want to share any ??off to shower before hubbs is back


Laura said...

hey Stace...long time no blog hey!
I have hardly been on the computer the look of your blog! The farmers market...I miss that weekly event! Good luck with the rest of the contest.

Kimberly White said...

I have a mountain of laundry too! Proud of you about the scrapper contest! You go girl!

Kelsey_N said...

Hey Stacy,
You sure sound busy!!
Congrats on the scrapper contest, that's awesome!
Hope you are having a great long weekend.

Cheryl Wray said...

I hope you're having a good week! We have been crazy busy too!

Great job with the scrappy contest. I love your work!