Friday, May 22, 2009

i bet your wondering

about my painting well its well under way the one color is almost done should be done today in fact the downstairs is completly done.the upstairs should be done within the hour and the next step is the second tone which will be next week i think just trying to stay in budget lol ya right no really. hubby and i have been working on the garden planting this weekend i think we are doing everything and i mean everything except potatoes we have herbs to loads to look after good times lol. i am thinking i am not going to work this much after summer gets here with the kids wanting to do things and such they are going to camp.thinking of a few day camps to and a trip to edmonton and lethbridge are all in the works. had some cool little finds at garage sales recently one tannis would totally steal if she could lol!!!! my sister came this weekend while i was working nights . she did all my laundry love my sister and i mean LOVE her!!!! i have lost a total of 19 lbs now i am so excited but so much more to lose biggest loser do you take canadian entries???? please?? start now???? i have some scrappinest to share i will try and post it tomorrow i dont seem to go downstairs that often since the lap top got here lol !!!! have a great weekend!


Kimberly White said...

Sounds like you are getting lots done! looking forward to seeing the scrappiness! Have a great day my friend!

Laura said...

congrats on the weight loss's not easy so way to go!! Gotta love great garage sale finds!!