Thursday, May 28, 2009

holy spirit

this weeks challenge is up over at the salt blog check it out " the work of the holy spirit " here and check back on thursday because its my turn to tell you about me we are off to edmonton for a quick trip this morning because randy needs a passport for work now yay!!! in truth not really excited about that. So i told you i had some news to share well i am very excited to be guest designer at this month so come check them out always fun has alot of challenges to in other news i made it through week 3 and 4 with the Last Scrapper Standing at come check it out i have a layout due wednesday for the next round mostly done just need the finishing touches . this is all my great news so far unless i think of something else lol so we are off have a great day ...............

Friday, May 22, 2009

i bet your wondering

about my painting well its well under way the one color is almost done should be done today in fact the downstairs is completly done.the upstairs should be done within the hour and the next step is the second tone which will be next week i think just trying to stay in budget lol ya right no really. hubby and i have been working on the garden planting this weekend i think we are doing everything and i mean everything except potatoes we have herbs to loads to look after good times lol. i am thinking i am not going to work this much after summer gets here with the kids wanting to do things and such they are going to camp.thinking of a few day camps to and a trip to edmonton and lethbridge are all in the works. had some cool little finds at garage sales recently one tannis would totally steal if she could lol!!!! my sister came this weekend while i was working nights . she did all my laundry love my sister and i mean LOVE her!!!! i have lost a total of 19 lbs now i am so excited but so much more to lose biggest loser do you take canadian entries???? please?? start now???? i have some scrappinest to share i will try and post it tomorrow i dont seem to go downstairs that often since the lap top got here lol !!!! have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday morning and what ........

is on your plate? well i have heading to the farmers market love that place and so excited that fresh produce is on woohoo exspecially since i have taken up drinking smoothies for breakfast lately looking for different ingredients i am still working on my laundry pile yes i know i was determined to get it done the other day and i did but then i started washing bed linens i try to do them once a week boys are going quading this afternoon so shan and i may scrap book good news here to i made the 2nd round of the last scrapper standing contest there was alot of really good entries there the first round and i can wait to see what the next round does i am cleaning out my scrap room again tying upthinking of painting my room i am almost done upstairs i am having a hard time with the vaulted ceilings and i am scared of the latter i am trying to talk randy into it i think he might i just dont want to fall again lol already enough injuries here for a bit i have dropped 4 lbs this week looking for a better diet one that appeals to the kids as well more fruit more veggies and some interesting things to do with them want to share any ??off to shower before hubbs is back

Thursday, May 14, 2009


and boy do i need it i have a boat load of wash to catch up on and i am not really sure where it came from. do you ever get the feeling that your kids or husband has been putting his clean pile back in the laundry??? i did 6 loads yesterday and i have at least that to do in baskets again today and i need to do bed wash as well. lol i am going to be here all day so i have not had much time on my hands lately to busy been working a little more. randys boss has not phoned in 2 weeks and so its a good we he has a good brother who puts him to work. i think this may even become a permanent thing again. randy is nervous and i am trying to calm him down not sure why he is either the bills and stuff are paid .we have extra so i think he is just being a guy really. so i have been a bad girl also i was pulled over for speeding a couple of weeks ago and i had forgotten that i sitill needed to renew my liceinse in was in the back of mind honest !!! lol so i got two tickets one for 161 for speeding and then 230 for no liceinse and randy had to come pick me up as they were going to tow the van if he didn't ...............eeeeecccckkkkkk . i do have another good thing to share just not yet!! and i am sharing the salt challenge with you this week we have noticed we do have alot of followerers and thank you for that we would love to see you participate to so come and share your creations with us here and this is my take on the challenge
deut 6:5 LOVE the LORD your GOd with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength come check it out

Monday, May 11, 2009

Been working to much

but i had to see hubby and i got a new baby to play with a new laptop!! woot woot!!! and well i have been painting like a crazy woman but its almost done i will show you when the darker one is complete hubby and i were thinking of a two tone so we got 2 shades lighter going in the kitchen looks gorgeous!! i will share when the darker is done and i will share some new layouts too i have alot to share

Friday, May 01, 2009

no fancy title

so this week at salt we have challenged you to do a layout card or project about perseverance "may the lord direct your hearts into GOD"S love and Christ's perseverance" 2 thes 3:5 we have had as a family many challenges lately some behavoiral challenges some selfcontrol challenges and job challenges i will admit its be bad its been enlightling as well and we will persevere with the help of prayer. here is my layout and you can check it out here