Friday, April 10, 2009

happy good friday

we are working on organizing the garage randy is out there building a shelf we need the organization the garage is a nemisis for me we are also having easter dinner today at my Mils too should be good enojoy your long weekend


Kimberly White said...

Hey Girl! Happy Easter to you guys! I was working on Wednesday ... hope you are having a great weekend!
Love Kim

Renee said...

Happy Easter Stacy to you and yours!! Have a wonderful weekend...FYI...I tagged you in my blog...come on over!

Laura said...

Happy Easter Stace!
I hear ya about the garage...ours is a nightmare but we made some plans today while trying to tidy it up so I feel a bit better.

chanel said...

happy easter to you too! i have been catching up on some blogging ... love your work!
luv chanel

Cheryl Wray said...

I wish someone would come organize my stuff too. LOL

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!