Wednesday, March 25, 2009

off to work he goes

so its 545 am and i am at work and hopefully my hubby goes out for the rest of the week to i am so thinking he needs to i kinda need him out of my hair lol hes jacking my facebook and reading my emails without permission not that i have anything to hide but its mine i dont jack his stuff but i may start lol boys so this weekend we have bowling and a movie going on daivds get his birthday celebration i still cannot fathom how he is 10 already so dont get that! i have not aged a day lol!! my sister is coming for the weekend to we are going to take the kids to a movie!! be sure to check out the salt blog on thursday as we are introducing the team one by one and there is still time to check out the challenge from last week march 19 and to also get in on the giveaway by faith perpective check it out here so i have to go finish my shift as a bloodfairy later


Renee said...

Thankfully my husband can't be bothered to read my emails..he barely reads his own..ha ha's hoping spring comes very soon!!!

Kimberly White said...

Hope you had a good shift =) Have a great week my friend!

Hazel said...

Hope you enjoy time to yourself x

Laura said...

hey Stace, have a super fun weekend.
Love all your scrappy goodness too over the last few blog posts.
Hope things are well.