Sunday, February 08, 2009

watching scary movies

ever do that?.............. i do it on ocassion and then wonder why i do lol was watching the grudge tonight in all the bad parts covering my eyes i m a huge ghost whisperer fan to or most haunted serious addiction not that i believe any of it but you know always been a thing for me lol so i was supposed to go out with the girls last night but hubby ended up working till after 11 pm crazy nothing like a 19 hour day GROSS!!!! but all good he is putting another 15 hour day today hes not happy about it because its been a serious mess!but you cant look a gift horse in the mouth and he is thankful!!! i am hoping he goes to work for mark tomorrow instead so is he


MonaS! said...

I love to scare myself - its a total rush. I LOVE The Grudge - great movie. Have a good week, my friend.

Cheryl Wray said...

I am a WIMP!!!!!! I have nightmares, so I don't watch scary stuff. :-)bre

Tannis said...

pansy! I looove scarry movies but i am such a cynic...sitting there like oh...that blood is too corn syrupy and did you see the dead chick blink? what movies? i need a good scarry movie