Friday, February 20, 2009


i am giving glory to god randy is now working between 4 bosses to make ends met crazy huh!!! well as long as they over work him it just happens to work out that way i have picked up some more shifts so lets hope we can get it together lol!!! what have you guys been up to? not to much going here yet i may have some news to share soon got couple of thingin the works i have decided not to watch the bachelor anymore if what i read here is true have a good weekend


Kimberly White said...

Hey you! Maybe I'll see you tonight at work?! So glad about the work situation for you guys! Have a great day!

Cheryl Wray said...

I'm so proud for you about the work news. That's great!

I just get nervous when I think about watching The Bachelor (or any reality shows, really). I am embarrassed for people when they act stupid. LOL

Kim said...

Hi Stacy - It's Kim on the SALT team! I apologize for contacting you via your comments section, however, my hard drive crashed last night and I've lost all of my data! Coud you please email me ( at your earliest convenience? Thanks!