Friday, February 27, 2009

on tuesday

i went to go chase the newspaper girl down because she has placing our newspaper on the deck in the snow ya you guessed i fell hard and darn near broke my leg again so this did not mke me happy and randy threaten the newspaper if i have a leg to stand on your done we have not been having a good time here oh well i get the feeling that their is something i am supposed to learn from this i feel like i have taken a giant step backwards i can walk today but it hurts and i m off balnce again like before randy and i have been talking i think we may sell this house in the next year or so we are not in love with it it has no space in the back yard the space is great we love the new but i think its not really us i do have great news to share but i cant share it yet congrats to the new crew at just cre8 jessi girl you rock !!!!!! heres some new scrappiness

Friday, February 20, 2009


i am giving glory to god randy is now working between 4 bosses to make ends met crazy huh!!! well as long as they over work him it just happens to work out that way i have picked up some more shifts so lets hope we can get it together lol!!! what have you guys been up to? not to much going here yet i may have some news to share soon got couple of thingin the works i have decided not to watch the bachelor anymore if what i read here is true have a good weekend

Friday, February 13, 2009

so i have........

a layout featued here thanks deanne!!! your sketches rock go check it out!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

watching scary movies

ever do that?.............. i do it on ocassion and then wonder why i do lol was watching the grudge tonight in all the bad parts covering my eyes i m a huge ghost whisperer fan to or most haunted serious addiction not that i believe any of it but you know always been a thing for me lol so i was supposed to go out with the girls last night but hubby ended up working till after 11 pm crazy nothing like a 19 hour day GROSS!!!! but all good he is putting another 15 hour day today hes not happy about it because its been a serious mess!but you cant look a gift horse in the mouth and he is thankful!!! i am hoping he goes to work for mark tomorrow instead so is he

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ice Skating

this weekend i was working nights, my sister called me saturday to tel me she was coing up for a visit that night she ended up having the kids to as randy was out of town in zama yay for work!!! anyways on sunday after about 2 hour of sleep we went skating i can not skate yet i dont think my ankle will agree with it yet so i took pictures!!!

my hubby and MIL were there too but i had not post the picture she would kill me lol!!!

i also got told the nicest NO today of all i love the personal touch it gives to a company to take time to send emails to everyone and cannot wait to see who gets on the team well i got more layouts to do and a laundry pile calling my name ( it is really never ending )