Friday, January 30, 2009

so ever try

a tea misto starbucks has them just order a teamisto with berry blossom white tea with a vanilla oh so good kim has addicted lol!!!!.so this next week is going to interesting to say the least hubby not to long ago got layed off from his job in november just after he found a weekend job to help out around here. with economy things were slowing down real fast so when dealt with that he started looking. found a great job making more money but and this is a big one they cant seem to keep him busy right now. then last week he gets this call from the weekend job" sorry buddy we have to let you go not busy enough to keep you working" yay. so there goes my ulcer and i am thinking of taking up a drinking habit ( not likely). i have no addictive personally my parents have pretty much killed my desire to have any addictions with there habits. so then GOD steps in we get busy the week day job picks up and then he gets a call last friday weekend job "i need you to work this weekend" and then weekday job" can you go here". then weekend job calls today call you work all next week to cover vacay. GOD answers prayers he does i have taken some more shifts not sure how all the babysitting works out but i am tryng to get 8 a month will help quite a bit just not sure my credit is going to like the use its getting lol!!!!


Kelly said...

I just thought I'd come check out your blog from Renee's:) LOVE all your layouts and I am glad your prayers were answered:)

Renee said...

Hey girlio...HE works in mysterious ways....Glad things are working out for are you gonna come see me and Ki on Saturday nite? Please say copped out on going out with us last time! Hugs Stace!