Saturday, May 24, 2008

our house

coz i said i was going to post these awhile back i better now lol SO WARNING MAJOR PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

at tannis's today

been helping tanny out she has a new job and i have been babysitting her kids and some of her old dayhome kids to help her out this week another friend of hers was to help out but long story there lol for those of you who won a rak from me i am mailing this weekend i got caught up in the cleaning and forgot about them but good news for you you get more of my stash lol!!! have a good weekend incase i dont post tomorrow and i am having surgery this next week to take out some pins and screws that have been bugging me so i am off work more then likely for the next 6 weeks or so hopefully my leg wont break when they take out the pins uuguhhggghhhh please lord quick prayer lol!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

i have been a busy girl

this weekend in more ways then one i have finally got dd room lookin much better we have decided to do a few things to it to improve much more and make it more girly her and i have som loftly dreams my dad is here to stay with us for about 10 days we think hes working close by wantd to check out the new house like it i had to run ds to hospital saturday night he has 4 stitches in his right elbow took a fall off his bike worked saturday morning holy smokes is all i got to say red deer difinately needs another hospital crazy crazy!!!!!! got 7 los doen on saturady before i had to run ds to emerg will share TFL!!!!

i just realized the last one is super fuzzy i will share another day here are some pics of the house to to share dont mind are mess

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday i get to go back to work again tonight yipee!!! lol

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I won again!!!!!!.............................

so check this out here i am so excited this is just crazy lotus is so awesome i love her vintage stuff and she is canadian even better i was so hoping i would get on the design team over there but not so far heres hoping for a guest spot tee hee !!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

more mothers day mojo

k well i worked nights last night and well now i can't sleep uuughh have to work again tonight but the kids are out of the house and well i had to play i have been wanting to play all week so here ya gothis is for the unpubbed challenge this week loving really how this one turned out the journalling could be better but i love anyways !!!and this one is for one little word for this week is TODAY i have been rearranging this one for a few days now but i love it to!!!
ETA this one is for LOTUS PAPERIE love that site!!!and this one is for the SALT challenge blog i had to do this and can you guess i just love this paper its heidi swapp gorgeous!!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

some mojo....

i will be posting a mini later just need some photos and will be posting photos of the house later to more then likely tomorrow is when it will happen i have a sick boy at home who wants my undivided and i need to go and pay off my loan today woo hoo and put money in my dads account for the the trailer we bought that we may end up selling cos it may not fit in the back yard after all lol oh well but here is my nisa finn inspired lo just really like her stuff!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

k because i looked

at my scrap space and saw that it was really to full lol!!!! i decided that i would giveaway 3 raks so these are my winners so email your addy at

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay... I'm game to see what old stash looks like! :0)


11:59 AM


Blogger PattiM said...

Their not throwaways, their someone's new stash...Don't include me in the draw, good luck to the winner.... Love your blog and you have some awesome creations.......Don't forget to take pictures of the move out and the move in.......

Patti M
(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!

and then there is

Miriam Kaye said...

hi Stacy, love your blog ;) we both have chosen the same template :) lol its pretty groovy.

3:27 PM

so i will have a big post tomorrow showing some pics of the move in and some of the settling in we have done already i went a week without a computer of my own so if i have missed anything please let me know and i am welcoming all new viewers please still around i may have a nother rak once the scraproom is all organized i do have way to much that i tend not to used lol!!! i have been taking some cues from kim and making up some kits for myself with old and new but still some i have no use for so i am happy to give it away enjoy ladies

ETA miss patti had posted that she did not want to be included in the RAK and i missed it so i drew another name so miss wati come on down!!!!!

Wati Basri said...

sounds interesting.... :)

10:48 PM