Wednesday, November 26, 2008

so yesterday

was my birthday i turned 36 i dont feel 36 at all and i know i dont look 36 thanks nice older lady from hospital who keeps asking when the highschoolers starting to work here and yes when pushed a little she was talking about me lol!! anyways yesterday my birthday is another sad day for me and my family it just reminds us that my dear cousin whom i shared a birthday with is gone she would be 24 i believe thinking of getting married maybe having a baby looking more at what has to offer and she is gone then to think of today as well a year ago today my other dear cousin died of a brian tumor she fought long and hard at she was 36 when she died i knowher husband her girls miss her tremendously and i know her mom and dad do to along with her 3 brothers and their families i was reading on ms cheryls blog this morning about how life just changes in an instant i had a arguement with the hubster today man that guy just likes to get my back up at times lol well its over now he is bringing some tims for breakfast coz he does not have to start at his new job until 10 am so yay just little moments in your life never take the good for granted

Monday, November 24, 2008

more good news to share

So jill and chrissy and the wonderful dt at memorable seasons have chosen me YES ME to be the GDT for dec OMGOSH i am beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check them out memorable seasons actually jill is having a black friday sale that starts today she is awesome and great customer service !!!!!. So i made this kids all a christmas present this year this year has been rough for us as a family actually the last 2 we have lost alot of near and dear family that were very special to us as a family we had decided to sale our first home and move. We seen births and more births to come yay crystal and shalena my dad has lived with us for almost 5 months on and off.Its been great having him here the kids have really gotten attached to him which is a very good thing. So as a family we have grown stronger i hope we have had ups and downs our children have been pushing like you would not believe to make decisions and show there might and strengths not always in a good way. We have not always been the best parents or have had the best advice but we have stuck it out as a family as a team. So i made a little book for each of my kids to remind them of their growth and their acheivements and here they are and i still have even more to share lol!!! working on another calendar album today

Sunday, November 23, 2008

very good news

so my hubbs got a new job and i am actually feeling pretty good about it as it happens it is better pay which in our world would be a good thing yippeee!!!!! so i can actually sleep i was kinda worried i have some scrapiness to show you to!!

dec daily

a christmas gift i got way more to share like i said been way to worried had to keep my hands busy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


so jobs are looking up and guess what i won a challenge at BASB challenge #2 is up go check them out

Saturday, November 15, 2008

you are going to think i do nothing but............

complain well lets see i talked to one of randys bosses yesterday not everything is as i thought it was see i kinda thought someone else in our life had something to do with randy being let go that was not the case in fact if things do not change 6 months they could all being looking fo a job which would be hard for all the price you pay to be debt free i guess oh well there is prospects and they told randy do not feel rushed out the door if you need time to find a job look and stick around until you do so some better news thank goodness

Thursday, November 13, 2008

an update

randy has weekend job starting this weekend if he can find a week day by the end of the month would be a blessing coz it would help greatly with a jump on finances he has applied to 4 places i beleive already and has talked to friends and this weekend could be fulltime by the end of the month as well so again keep us in your prayers thanks!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

so big changes

we got some very unsettling news today randy lost his job as of the end of the month he is no longer employed with HD i am very down as you can probably imagine as randy is he has never been layed off before so time for change in our house again so i may be working some more and not on to blog much pray for us thank you

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MY winners and a vote request

so my winners are for my blog anniversary are

Kimberly White said...
SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL! Thanks for coming over today! It was great to see you and the kids!Kim

Cheryl Wray said...
YAY!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
11:27 AM

and i have a little request i made to the finalist for lotus paprie challenge in october could anyone come and vote for me i am scrappymom123 thanks ladies!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

happy blog birthday to me

so my blog is turn today!!!! have not had much to talk about found out last night that a dear older family friend passed away in scotland kinda sad about that! i am hoping that his wife and family are doing ok!! and i am praying for him i think he just missed talking to my grandpa so much decided he would join him :( so you have till the end of the day to post on this post and i will be drawing a name or 2 tomorrow thanks for particpating!