Friday, October 31, 2008

so 5 years ago today

a very beautiful bright light in my world was buried at the age of nearly 19 years i miss her emesely (sp?) she was a birthday present from my auntie she was strong and crazy she was quiet and resembles my own daughter so much that i am sure my aunt cries everytime she sees my baby so halloween is not a very good day for me anymore it just remids me so much of her my great aunt posted in the calgary or lethbrige heralb yester a beautiful memoriale to my great unlce who passed 15 years yesterday i am begining to think october is a bad month for my family as i lost my grandmother last year so sory for the tearful post but last night their was 6 traumas when i walked into to work at 6 people in the accident at least 4 have passed since it always make you think like that happen go have a good halloween but please be careful!! and dont forgot about the lovelies i will sending out for the blog anniversary in 4 days check out previous post!


Renee said...

October is not a very good month for me either...losing my son Xander and losing another child many years never knows...however this year I decided to go beyond the tragedies and somehow remember, yet make happy memories...a way of making it through....big hugs Stace.

Kimberly White said...

hugs to you Stacy!

Cheryl Wray said...

So sad. Thinking of you!