Friday, September 26, 2008

not much

going on today working on a new hole in the wall made by hubbys friend (loser) who puts holes in brand new house dumb butt anyways got new pictures to share of my kids
gonna play this and particpate in an online crop at cool scrapsite i am hoping this lovely lady comes to visit! and maybe i will invite this one too!! starts tonight 8pm est. come and play


Tannis said...

david looks a little serious here mommy! ps- some chicas are vegging in the back yard tomorrow night, having a glass of bubbly stuff, you are welcome to join:)

Laura said...

have fun with your online crop. The kids look cute!
Was reading about the antics you've had going hey!

Renee said...

Great pics! I sooo need to get back into Scrapbooking....le sigh....I need to be inspired I think