Sunday, September 14, 2008

i tried to post from my blackberry

but it did not work oh well so i will post from work lol!!! my hard drive went on my computer this week i think it was because of a update i did that turned out to be a virus nicccceeeee!!!!! oh well over it so i had to get a new hard drive for the computer so after putting in the new drive which was so easy i called my isp to ask them about the dirviers i need some things i hate about that are

1. please pay attention to what i am saying its bad enough when we have a language barrier to get thru please just listen to me
2. dont give bad info
3. dont lead me to believe that i can download things to my phone and it not cost like 30$ a mig NICEE!!!!
4. please please please if nothing else please just know what you are talking about UUUGHHH

so after i figured out what i need i got what i wanted from tannis's computet i think lol if not i will look into tom!

so for those you who won that RAK like a month ago or more yep finally mailed out last week no excuse and hubby already gave me a spanking lol!! enjoy the rest of your weekend !!!


vtpuggirl said...

Sorry about your computer, I hate computer trouble, it is the worst!

Laura said...

technology sucks sometimes hey!