Friday, September 05, 2008

ever had food poisoning?

well i am sure that has been my problem all week going to the docs today i had just better not be pregnant or i am homeless lol!! i am fixed so it had better not be anyways what have you mothers been up to with the quietness in your house? well i am enjoying it let me tell ya my kids were stir crazy even after camping which we might do again this next weekend i have to work all this weekend nights again i think i am cutting days off my life by working them i dont appear to be sleeping very well lately but tims is helping me get thru i got more scrappiness to show you i am trying out again for another dt i am looking for the icing its no big deal if i dont get on but it would be nice really nice to get on but again so much talent around its hard so here hoping this round


Allie said...

Food poisoning?! That's NO fun. I hope you're feeling better. There's been a big e. Coli outbreak here in Oklahoma recently. Pretty scary! Lovely lovely projects. I especially love those pink houndstooth letters... I've had my eye on those for some time. Ha! Good luck with the DT! Your LO's rock girl!!

Cheryl Wray said...

These layouts are SO good! I love em!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

MonaS! said...

food poisoning is NEVER fun! Love the los my friend - and good luck with the DT thing.