Wednesday, August 13, 2008

some things i dislike about

being a mom.....

1. how you suck one minute and the next you rock must be the attitude at this stage

2. how they say they hate you! ever been tempted to say it back?

3. how no matter what you cook for dinner the first time it rules the next time you make the exact same thing i dont like it!!! and i really try not to repeat to much!

4. you can tell someone a hundred times how to organize their stuff and 5 minutes later its not the way you asked it to be

5. rooms are never clean enough

6. how some little girl in my life manages to take over my room and where does my stuff go not sure still looking for earings from last anniversary hello shantal where are moms earings???
7. no matter how many times you tell them you have a headache they only get louder thinking of trying reverse psychology

so anyways not to much going here getting those raks mailed out today and hopefully kids are going with granny this afternoon so i can get some shopping done for school found some really cute stuff for shan!!

new layouts


Cheryl Wray said...

I can totally relate to all that stuff about kids. They are a joy, but also a challenge sometimes! :-)

Love your layouts!!

Jen said...

Yep, being a mom sure has it's ups and downs. Hang in there. School is almost here. lol

Love the layouts Stacy!

Laura said...

oh ya...some days being a mom is worse than riding a roller coaster!!

great pages Stace!

Renee said...

Yes kids....that's why I let you my friends have them all...and I come by for visits to harrass and