Thursday, August 21, 2008

hubby and i are kinda

excited we have a whole weekend to ourselves the kids are going with aunty nanny to visit grandma and gr grandma and few others ... want to see my sis's favorite pic of all time that she ever took
those would be my babies at my brothers wedding when they were the flower girl and ring bearer for his wedding its my favorite as well makes me cry lol !! now i may post again this weekend i may not working nights again so this should be fun get to sleep with no one bothering me lol!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

tags and tags lol

The rules of this award:
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award. Quite simple really it is a way of saying thank you to those who take time out for wonderful comments to boost your day.
It's hard to choose only 5!!

i tag the following

kramer buffy

miss laura sent me these two tags check out here blog here

The Nitty Gritty details:

It’s a random tag and here are the rules!
1. Link to the person who ‘tagged’ you!
2. Post the rules on your blog!
3. List 6 random facts about yourself!
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post!
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6. Let the tagger know the entry is posted on your blog!

my randoms
i have never been on a dt
my sister is my photographer for alot of my stuff
i love to read
i want to taking cooking lessons
i love helping people
i love flowers

i tag

kramer buffy

happy weekend !!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

some things i dislike about

being a mom.....

1. how you suck one minute and the next you rock must be the attitude at this stage

2. how they say they hate you! ever been tempted to say it back?

3. how no matter what you cook for dinner the first time it rules the next time you make the exact same thing i dont like it!!! and i really try not to repeat to much!

4. you can tell someone a hundred times how to organize their stuff and 5 minutes later its not the way you asked it to be

5. rooms are never clean enough

6. how some little girl in my life manages to take over my room and where does my stuff go not sure still looking for earings from last anniversary hello shantal where are moms earings???
7. no matter how many times you tell them you have a headache they only get louder thinking of trying reverse psychology

so anyways not to much going here getting those raks mailed out today and hopefully kids are going with granny this afternoon so i can get some shopping done for school found some really cute stuff for shan!!

new layouts

Friday, August 08, 2008

10 years ago today .................

at this very moment i was getting ready curling my hair doing my makeup helping others get ready for a little ride in a limo to a little church in good old lethbridge my family and friends waited for me to get there and my dad to walk me down the isle to get married to the most wonderful understanding man who i might add was scared wittless cause i was late after all i am the bride lol!!! if i was to do this all over again i would have run off and got married like we first said we were going to do there were some battles that day my mom and me when i was late my mom and my mil in the kitchen over the dishes enuff said randy !!! but we will laugh over that and many more things like my brother turning into a blubbering idiot lol!!! and the smoking outside rule which no one had a problem with except my mom !! the limo driving fixing tanya dress right before we walked into the church because thats his job perry your the best!!!!! and everyone finding out we were right next door in the motels i dont think anyone ever thought that we would make this far but well it sucks to be them coz well we are here we are happy and well death before divorce baby!!!!!!

this is for a challenge at

for 5 things we are off to celebrate at la casa pergola which it is suppossed to be really good we will see and i have two visitors this weekend i am sure we will have an adventure this weekend so talk soon if your wondering about your rak working on getting those out this morning too!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

not much going on here just ...........

getting more organized lol ya right not one thing i am good at. i can clean like nobodys business but i am not good at organization and making things special. i have beautiful things for my scrap room but in no way can i make them look special so still working on that! i have a baby girl book in the works and i am thinking about selling it so for those of you who sell which is better etsy or ebay let me know thanks !!here are some pics of the kids at calway park on sunday !

Friday, August 01, 2008

so my winners!!!!!!


Blogger .:sandra:. said...


organizing scrappy stuff is soo fun!

2:38 PM



Blogger kramer_buffy said...

me me me... LOL!!!!

8:05 PM


Blogger M.Y. Creative Rose Garden said...Am I #15?????????

Gotta love a clean room
& Gotta love a good RAK.


and lastly
Blogger MonaS! said...

Hey girl - hope all is well with you! Wanted to check up and say hey - haven't been around for awhile cuz I'm on holidays. Hope you are having a great summer!

1:47 PM


so girls i have already send you a comment on your blog got address from all of you except one so pls contact me asap i am mailing this week

thanks for playing ladies and help with the clearing out! :)