Thursday, July 31, 2008

so todays the last day for the rak!!

so check out the post below the get in on it and this point we need 4 more to get to 20 to get another rak out come girls!!!! holding open till tonight ! anyways been working alot and with september coming soon i may not be working to much at all it seems randy has thought of taking a new job on and if he does i will not be able to work because he would be out of town for like 11 days and home for 4-6 so i will not be able to work the shift work anymore which i am of the opinion who cares lol!!!!! my job can be very demanding and very personal you get so close to patients and knowing things about them and their life you feel for them you cry for them and then the other side that shows you no respect for your work your enviroment and the lack of niceness and respect from other professionals its crazy. not o moan and groan but when work falls in on home life maybe its time for change no mater how good he money is lol!!!!

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