Wednesday, July 09, 2008

hey been busy

i actually have been busy went to work trying to get the backyard done kids have VBS and my sister was here on the weekend been to 2 birthday party and a bbq so kinda on the crazy side i wanted to ask if you come to my blog leave a comment let me know your here i am thinking of putting together a rak for the loyals who visit here i have som much stuff i have no use for and i need to clean out the clutter i will more then likely post a rak by the end of this week so stay tuned for that i also have more los to share
so thanks for looking and come back and check out the rak !! have a good wednesday


Cheryl Wray said...

Those pages are all just BEAUTIFUL!!! Love them!!!

Summers are crazy busy, aren't they?

Tannis said...

is that my little cutie patootiepie on your OWL layout? I thought you fell off the planet or were swallowed up by your back yard or something! I will post birthday pics on my blog but your pics of shanny are still here, come scrapbook or we can come over! I am off for about 8 more days

Renee said...

hey so umm...what happened to your lime green skin on your blog? I miss the pages!

Jerry & Dee said...

Hey girl love your blog, l enjoy looking a all your pictures that you all post, sure makes me homesick. If for noring else seeing you and the kids. I really miss seeing them.
And l know what you mean about posting a comment when someone has a look at the blog, makes you wonder if you are doing it just for yourself. I know cause l sometimes don't even want to go and spend all that time doing it and hardy anyone makes any comments. Tannis makes comment about the blog.
So keep-up the good work. I have to get busy doing my scrapbooking of all the things l have done since meeting Jerry. I have almost 5 yeard of stuff to do. That is going to take awhile..
So take care. Deanna