Thursday, July 31, 2008

so todays the last day for the rak!!

so check out the post below the get in on it and this point we need 4 more to get to 20 to get another rak out come girls!!!! holding open till tonight ! anyways been working alot and with september coming soon i may not be working to much at all it seems randy has thought of taking a new job on and if he does i will not be able to work because he would be out of town for like 11 days and home for 4-6 so i will not be able to work the shift work anymore which i am of the opinion who cares lol!!!!! my job can be very demanding and very personal you get so close to patients and knowing things about them and their life you feel for them you cry for them and then the other side that shows you no respect for your work your enviroment and the lack of niceness and respect from other professionals its crazy. not o moan and groan but when work falls in on home life maybe its time for change no mater how good he money is lol!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

so i am doing another rak .......

i have to make room in my scraproom to get better organized and after the move we had so much in boxes for the better part of a year i either bought more or i just have no use for it so i am donating to a worthy cause you so leave a comment and i will get a rak to number 5 number 10 and we will see how far i get it will go up by fives so leave a comment and i will get you a rak thanks for participating enjoy i will hold this open till the end of the month

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so again we have been busy

work nights all weekend and i do again on thursday not real excited about that lol!!! so i am trying to get my act together to do another rak will try and post that this week here some scrappiness to share

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

hey been busy

i actually have been busy went to work trying to get the backyard done kids have VBS and my sister was here on the weekend been to 2 birthday party and a bbq so kinda on the crazy side i wanted to ask if you come to my blog leave a comment let me know your here i am thinking of putting together a rak for the loyals who visit here i have som much stuff i have no use for and i need to clean out the clutter i will more then likely post a rak by the end of this week so stay tuned for that i also have more los to share
so thanks for looking and come back and check out the rak !! have a good wednesday

Thursday, July 03, 2008

k got more scrapping in.............

here ya go this for lift the dt member at unpubbed

and this one is for OLW
here is more digi

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

so we had some fun yesterday

we went to her house and had a bbq we also went to her house for a visit on sunday for her dd birthday there will be pics following the girls had a photo shoot with hanna and a lo to she has some amazing ideas to we call her martha stewart and this one we call monica stewart you know friends and martha lol i am hoping to scrapbook with all my favs soon trying to talk them into a technique saturday or something need to learn some new things lol here's digi's i did

and just to show that i still love my paper here is a sign i made for dd room i think i am going to take a lead from kim and make up some kits to use up my stash a little more i think i am also going to make a sign for each of my boys doors to well i will post more later this week and myabe even another rak ! so stayed turned