Thursday, May 22, 2008

at tannis's today

been helping tanny out she has a new job and i have been babysitting her kids and some of her old dayhome kids to help her out this week another friend of hers was to help out but long story there lol for those of you who won a rak from me i am mailing this weekend i got caught up in the cleaning and forgot about them but good news for you you get more of my stash lol!!! have a good weekend incase i dont post tomorrow and i am having surgery this next week to take out some pins and screws that have been bugging me so i am off work more then likely for the next 6 weeks or so hopefully my leg wont break when they take out the pins uuguhhggghhhh please lord quick prayer lol!!!

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Renee said...

I hope the best for you during the surgery!!! Lord knows you've been enduring a lot with that leg of yours! And you're a great friend helping our Tanny out....hey I'm comin' down on the 6th of June...hope to see you when I come down this time around;)