Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the house is pending

its kinda bitter sweet actually not really happy with all the details but its 7 days to completion and to tell the truth i am happy yay!!! i will confirm when all the details when it goes thru on the 6 of march and now to house hunt this is a major step for us i now have not moved in almost 8 years lol i think i forgot how to pack lol anyone who knows me knows that is a very long time for me to live anywhere i have moved countless times uugghhhh !!! like 40 or more hopefully the next house will feel like home more so and hopefully momma gets a scrap space !!so i just realized i never posted my OLW lo for this last week and then i have another to show you for its a fun sketch challenge site with vanessa out of the yukon!! holy smokes anyways and i am working on my OLW lo for time i will post when i have it scanned thanks for stopping by your always wlecome to my neighbourhood lol!!!


MonaS! said...

congrats on the house sale. Love the work you've created too! Good luck with house hunting - hope you find something fabulous.

Vanessa said...

Oh man, I don't envy you having to move! ICK! Just make sure you take great care in how you pack your scrap stuff and be sure to unpack it first...okay, maybe right after you unpack the kids' bedrooms (cuz they always seem to need it first) Good luck with the house hunt & that yucky moving part.