Friday, February 15, 2008

5 fav's

this was on renee's blog so i thought i would give it a shot!!

5 things you canot live without for under $10 each

1 green tea latte's no fat!!!!! from second cup
2 mentos huge addiction
3 matte finish pics from costco .17
4 febreeze love that stuff makes house smell good
5 chipboard letters or heidi swapp large bloch alphabet!!

5 fav movies i have tv shows

1 lost
2 ghost whisperer
3 a haunting
4 csi vegas or miami
5 home reno shows

5+ 5 baby names you love (but aren't planning on using)

5 girls names hailey, emma, jaimie, shylo, and joey

5 boys names ryley, parker, jensen,harrison, and jaben

5 songs you could listen to over and over

1 my humps fergie
2 taken sexy back jt
3 lost in this moment big and rich
4 your still the one shania t wedding song
5 keeper of the stars tracy bird hubbs sang it to me

5 people who influenced your life in a postive way

1 lance and sue
2 grandma
3 kimberly white (muah)
4 pastor barry
5 linda d

5 items that stay in your purse all the time

i dont carry one lol so in my pockets all the time mentos , keys , debit card, frequent buyer card for lss and change

5 moments you knew things changed forever

1 when my little cousin died we shared the same bithday
2 when grandpa died this year
3 when i got married
4 when my kids were born
5 when i become a christian

5 obsessions you have right now

1 facebook triumph
2 new cha products or scrapbooking
3 selling my house
4 green lattes
5 losing some weight

5 places you would really like to go

1 australia
2 london
3 scottland
4 on a cruise anywhere
5 cha

5 people you like to see do there tops 5's

1 jessi
2 tannis
3 chrissy
4 cheryl
5 laura

i was going to jessi's today sorry hun can't make it not feeling my best will call for another time muah!!!and here is some art


Renee said...

Great layouts Stacy...And hey we both love Febreze....maybe it has something to do with stuff smelling

Laura said...

Stace...those layouts are beautiful!
can't wait for new CHA stuff to be in the stores...I might have to get a job there is sooo much that I!!
Great top 5 list...I'll get on it!
Take it easy!

Kimberly White said...

Loving your blog design Stacy! Thanks for all your sweet comments love and support about Joshua! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love Kim

Renee said...

i really like what you did with your site stacy. the colors are awesome.

MonaS! said...

love reading your 5 fav's. And the layouts are beautiful - more great work Stacy!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous layout Stacy! Love your top 5"s! Have a great day!


Cheryl Wray said...

Totally LOVE these two pages!!!

ANd I love your 5 lists!!!! In fact, I am going to so steal it for my Tuesday post (thanks!!!). :-)

Anam_Kihaku said...

gorgeous layouts.