Wednesday, January 16, 2008

so we are going to a concert tonight.............

a few people will be there you may know them and congrats to kim and her family hes a little early and i have to say she scaredd me half to death because i was working but baby looks good i am praying for the best the little man and kim to i think she is still is shock ! first good news of the year. my other friend brenda had her baby the same day a little boy as well 9lbs and 11 0z all i can say is oooooouuuuuuuccccchhhh!!!! she told me " i decided to treat myself i had a empedural? this time" lol!!!well have a blessed day all!


jessi said...

hey stace!! hope you had fun at the concert!!! congrats to your friend brenda!! haillee was that big!! and i visited kim's blog and saw the sweet pics of her new bundle!!!

have a fabulous day...we should get together for a scrap day soon!!!

camport said...

oh how cool that you got to meet little baby J!! Take care of Kim for us south of the border.

Have fun at the concert!


Cheryl Wray said...

OOh fun!!!!!!! I know it was a great time!!!

Laura said... was it? I heard on the radio it was awesome!
Sorry about the loss of your grandpa Stace {{{hugs}}}. Your son is a cutie! Take care of yourself.
Oh, by the way, my second DS was 10lbs 13.5 ounces...yikes huh!

Janine Wahl said...

Hey Stacy! Hope it was a great concert! Ahhh, Jessi's on Thursdazy? Ack! Can't. They chain me to a desk and make me peck at a computer and a calculator during the week. That working for a living is highly overrated, lol!
We need to get together though!