Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OLW , Unpubbed and Scrapjack challenges

yikes lol almost posted w/o writing anything lol my blonde roots coming out lol!!! anyways i wanted to share some of my mojo i hope you like i do!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i am so tired .......

but i do think its been helping the creativity a little got 4 things done that i need to mail to some people right away some deadlines to meet and i am thinking of trying for a design team we see what i get accomplished tomorrow till then muah!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

had a fabby time

at the concert wednesday night loud and proud i think says them best i will upload some pics later today working nights this weekend so i am at work right now just kinda waiting for the night to pass i may yet seek up and see kims new babe if i can lol!!! i seen him from the distance the other night looked very healthy for how early he is and he was crying poor guy i cant wait for him to go home with his family !!i need to call and check in with grandma and check what size of pictures she wants we have been waiting for school pics since beginnig of dec and they just showed this week at school ugh!!not much else going on except randy is taking the kids to the motorcycle show so i can sleep i will post pics later of the concert see come back lol!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

so we are going to a concert tonight.............

a few people will be there you may know them and congrats to kim and her family hes a little early and i have to say she scaredd me half to death because i was working but baby looks good i am praying for the best the little man and kim to i think she is still is shock ! first good news of the year. my other friend brenda had her baby the same day a little boy as well 9lbs and 11 0z all i can say is oooooouuuuuuuccccchhhh!!!! she told me " i decided to treat myself i had a empedural? this time" lol!!!well have a blessed day all!

Friday, January 11, 2008

in heaven they are having a birthday party .........

for my grandpa who turns 81 today this is a pic of me and him when my grandparents got married almost 34 years ago

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

thank goodness for decent school photos!!

hers is a beautiful pic of my son exactly how i scanned it just love this shot!!taken by the school photographer yay!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


i seen this on kims blog and i thought i would share because its about my grandpa who we buried today i am thankful for you .you have always been special to me and my family you opened your arms to us and loved us without question. i am thankful for lustersheen i think you cleaned you hands with it and you always smelled so nice. i am thankful for the stuffing recipe you always made the best stuffing ever and you were known for it thru and thru .i am thankful for the way you loved my grandma even in her forgetfulness and funny words. i am thankful for the way you have always been willing to help when we needed you no matter what happened. i am thankful for your pickyness because you loved your job as an electrical inspector so much, you were such perfectionist they always hired you to inspect the whoop up days rides and we always felt safe. i am thankful for your love of golf and bowling because i have followed with bowling and i would love to love to golf. i am thankful you always wanted to do things and go places. i am thankful for the fact that even though you turned 80 you still went cross country skiing .i strive for that kind of health i am thankful for your quick witt and good humor.i am thankful for knowing you and loving you and having you in my life and i am very thankful that my children know you and cherish you . my life is better because of you

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


today my grandpa died at home with my grandma i kinda thought it would be soon because when i seen a week ago today he just seemed so peaceful already... i will remember the way you loved us like your own i will remember the way you played with us all the time always willing to do things and go places i am so glad you have been there for my grandma for the past 30 plus years and the way you just fit in our family i love you so much and miss you so much already. my children love you so much to and miss you already. david remembers playing soccer with you and jesse remembers sitting in your lap and talking to you about your bowling trophies and shantal she remembers she liked you before grandpa ross which is a big thing because she was very little when she liked you and grandpa ross still has a hard time getting a hug from shantal. my husband has always adored you maybe because you have alot in common like electrical and golf. i am glad you got what you wanted i am so happy you made peace i will miss you forever!!!

ali edwards has choosen a new word for 2008 and so have i mine to "REMEMBER" i had an amazing year of grow in 2007 we have lost alot of family this year 4 including my grandpa mabin today my grandma williams in october my cousin kari in novemember and my uncle fred in april. i am slower now because i broke my leg in march and just recently i fell and broke my tail bone and tore all the legiments in my knee so i am not sure where i will end of but as of right now i am slightly disabled with a limp. i went casual this year to drive my kids to school let me tell ya that was amazing makes it tough on the budget expecially right now when hubby has been off over christmas but i feel alot better about going to work its not so stressful and demanding. it is also easier to block all the garbage of the place sigggh!!!! we also put our first house up for sale still working on that but it will come so to all of you i wish the happiest of new years and all the best in 2008