Friday, March 30, 2007

END OF DAYS?...............

i was trying to find the cnn link for this but i just watched a really good interview with tim lahaye, jerry jenkins and joel rosenberg. if you do not know who these guys are they are christian authors who have wrote books on the end times. some of you may not believe in this but i thought i would share it anyway. lahaye and jenkins wrote a series that i have read called left behind and there is a movie about this series as well that i encourage you to read. it is a very good series that is fiction but is taken from the bible book of revelations. rosenberg also wrote book called epicenter i think its called i will have to look for that and let you know if anyone near me wants to read these books i have most of them if you would like to borrow they are so good very eye opening makes you wonder about are times politically, even environmently and etc. just food for thought .............

Saturday, March 24, 2007

guess what else tee hee!!!

randy and i are going to see this awesome couple in june can't wait!!!!!!!!

so we are an aunt and uncle again.......

avery nora born friday mar23/07 around 8 pm via c-section big brother sam is so excited he wanted a baby sister so bad. she is 7 pounds 13 oz's. mom and babe are doing well. my grandpa, i called to check on him the other night he is doing well have not heard wether or not when they start radiation but i am sure that will come.that's all i have for now going to tannis's tomorrow to scrap will see what i get done with the cast problems getting comfy lol oh well i will just be glad to get out of house ..........

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So i went for a weekend .................

and got nothing but drama from my sister and bad news from my grandpa and dad. Well heres my prayer for this year that all is well with my family. My first love my dad got test results back that could be bad but hopefully not i could not handle that just yet and on thursday i got news that my grandpa who i love so much is sicker then we thought . I knew my grandpa would not live forever but it seems so wrong to lose someone who is so healthy til now he is 80 years young and is very active line dancing, bowling, still drives , and many etc's. It turns out he has lung cancer and not sure how bad it is but they are getting him into treatment right away so hopefully he has enough left after a recent battle with nmonia(???) to fight this for a couple years yet. i dont think my grandma can handle this to well either she seems older to me all of the sudden again. Just a few short years ago we lost a cousin of mine who was born on my birthday when i was twelve she was 18 almost 19 when she died. That really aged my grandma she is so sensitive and let me tell ya she would make a heck of a nurse, put alot of them to shame actually (except my kim shes one of the best). Kinda makes me want to put things into prospective and reflect on life. i have a plan for a memory book for my family and hope to help in anyway i can so heres me sending my love to my family!!! and my strength and my faith.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

a new one yay!!!

so i got a new one today had to go camo just for the boys lol!!! anyways got my staples out all looks good i should be in walking cast by the 27 th yay!!! all to report at the moment got potp kit yesterday and my scraptivity kit is at the post office i am hoping i get the poppy ink one soon and my sis is coming this weekend to paint (babble much lol)
have a great day and weekend !!!!
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Monday, March 12, 2007

had to drive son to school today ............

that was fun actually felt good to do that.on thursday i have to go in to get a new cast and my staples taken out, staples you say well i now have a pin from my knee to my ankle and two screws that are permanent. unless they irratate me then they are gone hoping to find out about wcb today or tomorrow weither this whole business is covered or not . the hospital i believe is afraid i might sue them because of the ice on the steps but i dont believe i will unless for some reason i am not covered and cannot get ui will let you know about that.

so on to better news my husband and i go back and forth weither to build or not and now with the market on the raise again we are building because we have a family connection we are able to get a better house for a fair price we will be moving in winter but that is ok i guess but it looks like about 415,000 for this house and it will be completely finished and we will have our 25% down so now we are waiting for the bank to hear what happens on the approval which should be tomorrow will let you know and will share to progress as it happens it will be fun !!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

so painting has stopped!!!!!

i fell at just outside of work monday morning and broke my ankle in two places so i am off for the next 3 months!!!yay!!lol anyways i may have to take tannisup on her offer lol but not sure how i am going to get down your stairs lol anyways wcb you think they will cover a maid???
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

scrapjack 4

thought i would get this posted early lol !!! seeing as how i will painting
my freaking head off for the next week or so but let me tell the stuff that
is painted looks awesome!! anyways still not sure what we are doing we may just
buy a newer house we got told yesterday that the house we want is like 400,000.00
not sure i want that to badly lol!!! will let you know !!!
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