Thursday, November 08, 2007

loads to share

here are some pics of the circle journal i promised to share with you

what ya think i think they did an awesome job i just love it girls!!!! i have also picked another book one recommended by my girl kim who is right this is fabulous!!!! and i also have a sneaky to show well to one for the SIS tv sisters cj and one for another group of girls all within canada i think lol i got what i asked for i also did some los last night made hubby haul the sewing machine upstairs found a new scrapbook store janine(?) i think thats how shes spells her name told me about it at scrapfest had to go check it out just love there furniture very antique and a very cool store has quite a few things that scrapbookers does not will be back again and i have to take tannis with she said so lol!! it is called serendipity scrapbooks and gifts cool cool store now we are off the dentist AGAIN ughhhhhh!! jesse has to get a tooth pulled he keeps getting abcesses on it and it sounds like it may be rotting from the root i hope this is not what is going to be like in the furture lol!!!


Heather said...

hey there! LOVE that Cj so gorgeous! i am nearly done mine to get it off to you girls! Did you like the Ali book? I have read it at least a million times, so much to learn in there! Chat with ya soon!

Janine Wahl said...

glad to hear you like the place. Jennifer has quite a good sense of style. So homey in there, hey?

Thanks for stopping by.

Kimberly White said...

So glad you like the CJ! It was fun - glad we did it! And I'm glad you like Ali's book - but that's not surprizing to me! Have a great day! Kim

Linda said...

wowser girl...totally love these so much. That CJ looks absolutely gorgeous.