Monday, October 22, 2007

so its up for sale its official

my house for the last 7 years is up for sale i will show you pics of the completed house and a new pic of my kids my sis took

so not much else going on we hope to see lots of viewing this week but the market has slowed quite a bit so hopefully ..............i saw kim at work last night so glad we will have to scrap this week maybe let me know what works for you i amy post some of my latest stuff in the next couple of days i have not posted any art for awhile to busy to even scrap so going thru withdrawl have a good week i am off to spend time with my sis


Renee said...

Hey looks good!!! Sending you selling vibes....did you know that our house in Whitecourt still hasn't sold?? unbelieveable! Glad we let the bank buy it from us when we did so we could transfer! We made out well! Good luck girl!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I hope you have good luck selling it!!! Sending you good wishes in that direction!

hope to see some of your creations soon!!

MonaS! said...

good luck on the sale! I know what its been like here in town, so hopefully your place sells quickly.