Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So i got my circle journal back

and its gorgeous i will share tomorrow or the next just love it thanks jessi, kim,lynne and tannis anyone interested in another?? let me know here or whereever in person or email at rsstone@telus.net so we have had more people thru the house since this offer and i am hoping it will bring another offer to the table please keep it in your prayers thanks girlios!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

i told you

that i would share some recent stuff this is it i did this at scrapfest had not had much time to scrap lately hopefuly this weekend will change that i have one offer on my house yay!!! my house is still up for sale because the offer has a condional to sell of their property first so if we get a cleaner offer they have 24 hrs to resolve their conditions or else they lose the deal they have to sell before the 30 of nov. we will see what it brings

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


today my little boy is 7 years old what a big boy now!!! i just cannot get my head around it lol!!! hes growing way to fast for me may have to talk randy into one more lol!!!.............then again maybe not!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

so its up for sale its official

my house for the last 7 years is up for sale i will show you pics of the completed house and a new pic of my kids my sis took

so not much else going on we hope to see lots of viewing this week but the market has slowed quite a bit so hopefully ..............i saw kim at work last night so glad we will have to scrap this week maybe let me know what works for you i amy post some of my latest stuff in the next couple of days i have not posted any art for awhile to busy to even scrap so going thru withdrawl have a good week i am off to spend time with my sis

Sunday, October 14, 2007

thank you for your prayers

i have been feeling pretty good about the whole thing with my grandma she was a good person and had a long life i hope others in my family are feeling the same. i hate that my family is sad about it she has suffered so much since even my grandpas passing in 1992 . its time for her to not suffer anym0re i just hope she is with jesus!! on to other things well my computer has been on the major meltdown lately i think it is because of a virus i totally wiped it today right back to new so hopefully that will help i need to become a computer tech!!! uuuggggh so we are listing our house and i think we are going to try on our own first then if nothing happens we will list with realtor but keep your prayers going for the house to sell quick that we get our asking price and no issues and hopefully we can find us a house quick!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

a little update.........

she's gone she had a long life she had a full life she has 6 children plus spouses 32+ grandkids and 80+ great grandkids and she died peacefully saturday october 6 2007 and i have to tell you i am sad she was 93 and i feel like i dont know enough about her i am glad to because no more suffering in pain and not being able to see so well i am sad for my dad to hes already lost his dad so no longer does he have living parents

Thursday, October 04, 2007

not a good post.........

my grandma may check out tonight or this weekend sometime she has not been good for awhile now but things have really gone down hill tonight so i am thinking of her and my family tonight she is 93 so i am ok with it i dont want to see her get worse