Monday, July 30, 2007

ok so i have been doing to much

and it is affecting me but i need to get this house done not to mention i am sick of paint cans lol i did not go to work today like i was supposed to i stepped on a bead with my bad foot yesterday and di what my body naturally does and i jumped i do not reccomend doing on a healing but still broken leg (can we say ouch !!!)and maybe a (!@#@@@$%!!!!) i am bound a ndeteremined to get some scraptime sometime today or tomorrow will post what i get done then lol have fun and girlies i hope you got you cj's on their way lol!!!!!


Kimberly White said...

Hi Stacy! Take care of your foot ... and I'm still working on my cj. Totally procrastinating this week ... my scrapbook room smells like musty paper and it's making me ill. Have a great day! Kim
PS. Only I seem to be able to smell it though.

Adriann said...

Happy scrapping!!!