Sunday, July 29, 2007

not much going on

hey not much going on i got my van back yay no more stupid car hate cars lol!! and foot seems to be feeling alot better these days for those of you who are new to my blog i fell and broke it back in mar lol anyways moving on got the almost ready not really moving to quick but we are hoping to get all the touch ups done today and the upstairs stuff to having to repaint my daughters room not to thrilled with that let me tell ya but not always a choice stupid oil painted paint is the pain in my backside and let me tell i have done everything i was supposed to do but i guess 50+ coats of oil paint will leak thru every thing i could have riped all the walls and redone the drywall for the amount of time i have put into this anyways have a good rest of the weekend i am out to get my work done !!!


Anonymous said...

You are workin' way too hard! lol
It rained, thundered, and was generally ugly here all what did I do???? Started some Christmas cards for a swap.
With all this rain, I'm surprised my flowers look this good.

Debbie said...

That last comment was from Debbie...not annonymous

KhrisW said...

I hope you feel better soon! I love your blog!

Kimberly White said...

Yikes! Hope the fixing up is done soon! Kim