Tuesday, April 24, 2007

7 facts and an update ......

its simple really ,share 7 random facts/tidbits/habits about yourself that your blog friends may not know already. then tag 7 more people at the end of your post. to get them to do the same!

1. i dont believe in divorce for me i will fight hard and long and if necessary kill him before i divorce him lol!!

2. i have a grade 12 education thats it and i have a really good job most of time i work i make more then my husband.

3. my mother is the biggest pack rat you have ever seen (sorry mom we are working on you)

4. i am the oldest of alot of kids my dad counts like 13 or so

5. i snore not overly loud but i do snore

6. i love green tea lattes no fat

7. would love love to have my own business one day

i have been tagged by three people so i thought i had better get this done lol so i tag lynne, mary, kim, karla, tammy, jessi, and tannis

so for the little i officially can put weight on my ankle i am booking physio this week for the next 4 or so weeks and i return to work in 5 weeks just in time for holidays lol my boss is goimg to kill me i am on s*** list already lol!!!have a good night going to cuddle with hubby love ya!!


Lynne.x said...

I was just coming to tell you I had tagged you - but you beat me to it ....... lol!!!!!!

My answers are on my Blog.

Laura said...

ya...you got them done...interesting facts, Thanks for sharing. Good news on the ankle too. Congrats on being flower girl of the week at POTP.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Hiya Stacy... ah this was fun reading a bit more about you, I bet they love you at retreats with your snoring..LOL!

Tannis said...

um...hey Liar, how do you know how loud you snore? Aren't you sleeping? Take it from a fellow bedbug, this lady can snore the covers off ya!!!!! But I loves ya stace!
Glad your ankle is feeling better

jessi said...

good tag!!! and yahoo to putting some weight on the ankle!!!

have a wonderful night!!

Kimberly White said...

Thanks for sharing you 7 Stacy! Glad you can start to weight bear! Kim

Lynn said...

It is so good to get to know a little bit about everyone! Have a great day, also glad that your starting to walk around on that foot!!!! Hope it gets better fast for you!