Saturday, February 24, 2007

tagged by lynne and ronda thanks ladies!!!

here it goes !

1. find the nearest book
ok got it the book and author
the partner - john grisham
3.turn to page 123
4.go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the nest 3 lines onto your blog
" does the fbi know about them?".
" yes".
the room went silent, as sandy waited for more and patrick became tight-lipped.
5. tag 3 more people ok jessi , kim and tammy

have fun with it!thanks for the tag lynne and ronda.


Lynne.x said...

Thanks for doing my tag and thanks for tagging me - sorry it took so long to put it up on my blog.

jessi said... funny...will do!!! I emailed you my addie for tomorrow!!! can't wait!!! ciao for now chica!!

TammyBrownlee said...

OH will do this tag tomorrow....sorry i missed you at Jessi's...i so wanted to go...just wasnt feeling well...another day i promise!

Hope you had to you later !