Monday, February 05, 2007

I've been tagged..............

A=Available - no married almost 9 happy years to Randy
B=Bestfriend - not really a bested friend yet working on that
C=Cake or Pie neither i am bound by me to lose weight this year will decorate one but thats about it
D=Drink hmmm green tea latte no fat, love it!!!!!!!!!
E=Essential item you use everyday- tread mill now baby!!!
F=Favorite color -i have to say green
G=Girlie girls - i am with tannis on this got one love her (tee hee ) but not where she got it from lol (MIL)
H=Hometown- Lethbridge baby !!!!
I-Indulgences- green tea latte, chocolate ,scrapbook supplies and novels
J=January or February - both hubby bday and valentines day
K=Kids- david, jesse and shantal
L=Life is incomplete without god and my family
M=Marriage date 08081998
N=Number of sibs uncertian of final number but accounted for are halves,steps and fulls are about 13
O=Oranges or Apples both
P=Phobias or Fears-Fear of dying of some disease long drawn out not sure i am strong for that
Q=Quote Love is patient love is kind 1corthians 13 i believe
R=Reason to smile hubby has agreed to sell our house and move up yay!!!!!
S=Season summer i am outdoors girl love it !!!!!
T=Tag 3 or 4 peeps- renee a , lynne.x and lynn(from calgary)
U=Unkown fact about me i moved out when i was 15 to live with my boyfriend because my mother and i did not get along
V=Vegetable you don't like - none that i can think of
W=Worst habit i snore tee hee right tannis
X=Xrays elbow ,chest and well i work in ermerg often so i coulda been hit my xray ray or two so many unknowns lol
Y=Your favorite food chinese
Z=Zodiac sign sagitarius


Laura said...
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Laura said...

grrr...all I wanted to do was edit my spelling mistake but I had to delete the whole thing instead. What I said was that I like reading people's response to these, they are interesting. Glad to "know" you a bit better.

Tannis said...

um, do you still have that bruize from my elbow? ha ha ha. got your hair appt booked?

Kimberly White said...


jessi said...

heehee...too funny!! loved it stace!! have a great day!

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