Sunday, January 28, 2007

a quad ride with david

yesterday my 8 yr son took my sis who is 32 out for a ride on the quad now some may think omg 8 yr old +quad yikes i was like that to but after yesterday i was like wow my kid does better on that think then me and i am in like a dirty shirt let me tell ya but he was wipng thru this and that and jump here and there and landing perfect i think i have some serious outdoor boy on my hands he will just like his uncle and his dad !! like i wanted to spend more time at the hospital i guess that was a sign me up when the doc said you have a boy mrs stone lol!!!


Lynn said...

You gotta have boys to appreciate the other night i am teaching a class and my 18 year old is out front doing burn outs!!!! Right in front of the house....I am teaching away and I am sure everyone is thinking would you PLEASE go and control your kid!!!you gotta love it!!! have a great day!


Kimberly White said...

I guess I know what is in store for me =) Have a great day Stacy! Miss you!