Sunday, January 21, 2007

never got the scrappin in

but i had a date with my oldest son he and i had to reschedule the other night so we could go to a movie without it cutting into bed time anyways we went to the west rock cafe num num!! and then we went to the movie open season so funny you have to see it !!! and then we went to look for a new house we have been hemming and hawing about a new house we want a new house one that is finished and not have to deal with the finishing lol anyways we will keep you posted on that front off to have some hubby time and do the trendmill never got it done this morning uugggh !!! anyways have a good night !!


jessi said...

hey stace!!! good luck with the house hunting!! good for you getting on the treadmill...I am too lazy these days...LOL!! have a great night...let me know if you get a moment to scrap...I'll join you!!

TammyBrownlee said...

will def have to check that movie out...took my girls to go see Night at the Musuem on saturday...gotta love date night with the kids...they dont expect you to put out at the end of the night!!!

Have a great day girl....ttyl!